Marie-Hélène trains your internal team on how to conduct an internal workplace investigation and manage other employment-related matters. She draws on her legal and in-house experience.

Some of the seminar and workshop topics are listed below.

Workplace Investigations

  • Strategy and organization

  • Interview techniques

  • “Mini” investigation

  • Communication with parties and unions

  • Difficult witnesses

  • Report writing

  • Post-investigation management

Marie-Hélène also offers a 5-hour onsite workshop on how to conduct workplace investigations properly and how to avoid common pitfalls. The workshop includes an interactive session for attendees to practice interview techniques, report writing, and crisis management.

Employment Law & Human Rights in Plain English

  • Accommodation and disability

  • Pay equity

  • Discrimination

  • Gender identity and gender expression issues

  • Termination and wrongful dismissal

Positive Workplace Cultivation

  • Civility and sensitivity training

  • Respect in the workplace

  • Discipline management

  • Attendance management

  • Performance management/Progressive discipline

  • Privacy and social media

  • Assessing workplace complaints

Let’s get to the facts. Contact Marie-Hélène at 416.549.1686 to discuss the appropriate workplace training tailored for your team.