What Marie-Hélène Mayer’s clients say about working with her


“I have sought the advice of Marie-Helene Mayer for several employee related matters.  With almost 100 employees, various issues have arisen.  She brings a wealth of employment law knowledge to the table and has provided invaluable legal advice in a myriad of situations, always understanding the matter from the Company’s perspective.  In several instances, Ms. Mayer has been instrumental in assisting my Company avoid further legal implications and has led us to amicable solutions that allow the business to keep moving forward.  I would highly recommend Ms. Mayer without reserve.”

—  Chief Executive Officer


“Marie Helene is a dedicated and committed lawyer who can be counted on to take a well-reasoned position on a wide-range of employment matters. I am confident when discussing an issue with her or when outsourcing a file to her that the matter will be given appropriate thought and a strong approach will be taken that will protect the client’s interests. In addition, Marie is pleasant and responsive and knows very well how to best prioritize her busy schedule. I would be pleased to be a reference for her.”

—  General Counsel, Financial Services


“Marie-Hélène came strongly recommended to me, which proved to be true as she provided prompt and professional advice, and, in my case, achieved a desired outcome. She is positive, knowledgeable and compassionate and is conscious of ensuring legal costs are minimized. She is solution-oriented and highly responsive, so I always felt she had my best interests at heart. I would highly recommend Marie-Hélène if you are in need of employment law advice or in the difficult and stressful position of requiring legal representation.”

—  Chief Operating Officer


“My firm has worked with Marie-Hélène for years. She has supported us on a wide range of employment matters. Her approach is personal and the advice she provides is prompt and concise.

I strongly recommend Marie-Hélène to employers that are looking for a lawyer that will put them at ease during delicate times. I am confident she will earn their trust, just as she earned mine.”

—  CFO, Engineering Firm


“I met Marie-Helene at an extremely fraught time in my life, having just been restructured after almost 20 years with my company. Marie-Helene distinguished herself initially because of her responsiveness – she responded to my query within a couple of hours and made time for me within a couple of days. Further, over and above the excellent work she did guiding me through the terrifying waters of negotiating a fair severance package, she treated me with grace and compassion, filled me with positivity about the future (not related to my package) and was a real confidence booster.

She counseled me wisely, and helped me act on my own behalf to get a better package while not spending excessively on legal fees. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

—  Marketing Executive, V.P.


“Our organization has been using Ms. Mayer’s services for five years. Ms. Mayer is professional, knowledgeable, and a very pleasant individual to work with. She is quick to respond to all of our communication requests and has facilitated favorable outcomes in complex situations. We are very pleased with her services and highly recommend her for all employment law needs.”

—  HR Director, Law Firm


“When I was laid off from work, I was quite shocked and distraught. A friend recommended that I contact Marie-Helene, as she had supported him in the past. I contacted Marie-Helene and was quickly impressed by her responsiveness and her compassion. She talked me through the difficult process of negotiating with my employer and set reasonable expectations for what I should be receiving from a settlement. She was patient with all of my questions and continually offered creative ideas to address the challenges that I was facing. I truly appreciated her support and encouragement throughout the entire process. In the end, the settlement was exactly as she had advised me to expect and I was more than happy with the outcome. I could not have achieved the results that I did without investing in Marie-Helene’s expertise. I would enthusiastically recommend Marie-Helene to anyone who needs support in the area of employment law.”

—  Marketing Executive